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PDS is pending on 2 DoD
programs for 2016 to build a novel high power electronic device with an evaporative cooled system.
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 Power Density Solutions, PDS has developed novel cooling solutions for electronic systems and components. Thermal challenges have become more difficult to address as temperatures increase and packaging decreases. Specifications, in both the public and private sectors, demand high power densities and rely on innovative thermal management for integration into compact architectures.

As the ratio of conductive and semi-conductive to non-conductive, dielectric, materials increases so will the operating temperatures in a given area say w/cm2. Traditional evaporative cooling and stacking will help to alleviate the problems. However, the delivery of fluid emanating from and through the core, evaporating at, near or surrounding the surface, enables the coldest temperatures. ( other than expensive cryo solutions which, are not compatible with most IC materials. ) The former is what we refer to as "Internal Injection". In its simplicity a naturally occurring and biological evaporative approach. Benefits include nucleate boiling and conductive cooling in the core and evaporative cooling at the surface.